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  We all go through life, where things that excite you start to feel less interesting. Instead of moving forward toward your goals, you’re remaining static.

These feelings actually can be frustrating. The sense that you’re not where you want to be, but also feeling clueless as to where that ‘place’ is, can lead to a build-up of anxiety and frustration.

 Feeling stuck can make one feel completely de-motivated and it can seem like there are no options available for your situation to change.

The problem is in being “Stuck” is you may not even notice at first. These feelings often build slowly over time.

Day after day, you might follow the same routines. Eventually, it feels less like you are working toward something and more like you’re just killing time. 

 Every Day seems the same You feel like you’re just trying to get through the day. Your goal is to keep putting one foot ahead of the other until the day is done. You don’t feel excited or inspired.

You feel unmotivated. You might want to take on new projects or engage in creative tasks, but it feels like your motivation has run dry. You just can’t seem to get started.

You feel unfulfilled. Life feels dull and boring. You want to try new things, but you don’t know where to begin.

You want to change, but fear the temporary discomfort that comes with it.

You know that changing things up will make you happier in the long run, but you keep sticking with the status quo because it means you won’t have to risk any pain or failure.

Feeling stuck is a sign something needs to change in your life. You might have an intuitive impulse to make those changes, but resist doing so for fear of change.

Albert Einstein said: “You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.”

He was referring to developing a higher perspective to solve a problem formed by outdated thinking 


Find The Source: If you don’t already know, figure out the real origin of your feeling of being stuck. Is it to do with relationships, your career, your living situation, or your social life? Perhaps it’s a combination of multiple things.

If you are finding it hard to discover exactly why or how you are feeling stuck, consider talking it through with a friend or with a therapist. Another point of view is often useful and insightful.

Distance and time are two ingredients to transition from this state since you gain clarity without being too invested in the outcome. The key to overcome feeling stuck is to distance yourself from the drama to gain a wider perspective.

That’s why taking a break is useful because you perceive your problem with a new mindset.

Talk about how you’re feeling: Talking to an unbiased person is beneficial to help you form a different opinion.

What you consider stuck, is really a holding place to gather new information before embarking on a new adventure. 

You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward: The thing with feeling stuck is that sometimes you don’t know what you need to get unstuck or what you want from life in general.

But this “numbness” and “emptiness” that you’re feeling (temporarily!) should not stop you from making a change.

Even if you don’t see the result and don’t know where it is exactly that you’re going, it is crucial to just start moving.

 Introduce something new in your life: Try new things, meet new people, buy new clothes – anything that can help you figure out what it is that you want and how to get back to life.

This could be something small like adding a morning walk into your daily routine, but always treading a new path to something bigger like joining a class doing something you’ve always told yourself you want to try but have never done. 

Change Your Surroundings: Our environment impacts our hearts and minds,  so adapting to the world around you can give you the shift in perspective that you need in order to get unstuck.

Work On Accepting All Emotions: Paradoxically, fighting against the ‘stuck feeling’ will sometimes keep you in that place or make you feel even worse (like struggling in quicksand).

You may find what you need is to learn to accept how it feels to be stuck initially. Acknowledge that this situation is temporary. Ultimately, you want to release your resistance. Daily mindfulness practice can help with this, you can start with meditation.

Writing Your feeling: Writing always helps in understand your emotions. If you write exactly what you feeling it will give you clarity and you can understand why are you feeling that way, and if you know the reason of that feeling you can easily find out how to change your thoughts and what to add in lifestyle so you can change your life for better.

Make a journal of a daily routine of your work so you can achieve your goal to unstuck your life and change your life for the better.

Find the Purpose: Having things to look forward to and a sense of purpose are key ingredients for motivation.

For instance, life goals related to your career or your relationships can provide a sense of purpose. Even small things, like having plans for Friday night, can lift your spirits. Having a sense of purpose also comes from helping others.

Look for ways to contribute to your community. Or, focus on helping your friends or loved ones with a project.

Flatten Perfectionism: If you struggle with perfectionism, this can keep you stuck in the same place. No matter how hard you try, it seems like whatever you’re working on is never good enough.

 But, you need to squash your tendencies toward perfectionism right away and recognize that done is better than perfect. In other words, rather than trying to make a project perfect, be satisfied with the fact that you completed it.

Sometimes life forces your hand to help you gain a new level of understanding for your personal growth. Consider your current experience as an opportunity to a better way of life.


  Feeling stuck in life is something that almost everyone goes through at one time or another.  But with a little effort, you can add a sense of adventure, and excitement back into your life. To live a remarkable life, you must take consistent action despite your fears and doubts.

It’s your life you are the best friend of yourself .you only have the responsibility of your life whenever not feeling right you only have to take action for your life. As if you are ill and want to become fit, then you only have to take  medicine. There are people around you who help you, but the main person is YOU, who can help YOU.